The four directions and the cycle of life

The wisdom of the Native American medicine wheel teaches us about the cycles of life. It honours the four main directions but also above, below and within. It takes us on a journey saluting one cardinal point at a time.

Each direction pays homage to a life cycle from birth to death and the life lessons associated with it. They also  have an element, a colour, a season and animal totems associated with it.

In the end we are reminded that just like the wheel itself there is no beginning or end. We simply are energy taking various shapes and form throughout time, spiritual beings having human experiences.

I enjoy infusing ancient wisdom from different cultures in class so come move to the rhythm of your breath in creative power vinyasa flow sequences to groovy beats with me where the intent is to find centre within, build internal heat, push boundaries and let go of daily tensions. All levels welcome.



Eddy Toyonaga Prana Yoga

Prana offers a classe in English with Eddy Toyonaga. Eddy teaches a strong Power Vinyasa to the sound of music.  The class is for “all-levels”.

In Prana Tel Aviv– Monday at 10:15 and on Friday at 13:45.

In Prana Givattayim– on Thursday at 08:15, Wednesday at 20:30 and Friday at 08:30.

Beyond that, you are welcome to all of the classes in our time table, and integrate them with the help of our teachers, who would love to make the classes accessible for English speakers.


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